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Apr 17

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I miss this show.

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Giant driftwood on the beach at La Push, Washington (2010)

this made me feel really uneasy, the ocean is terrifying.

its like when cats bring home a dead bird and drop it at your feet except the ocean is like I HAVE BROUGHT YOU THIS ENORMOUS TREE FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL ENJOY

bad ass

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Passover: goin pretty good

Passover: goin pretty good

Apr 16

I’m exhausted but I want to drink
bring me beer

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Don’t abandon your fucking pets when you move or they get old.

I just came across somebody I made out with once on Facebook under totally roundabout circumstances.

Apr 15


I ate bread

what a schlemiel 

Suddenly there is a new creature in my life, on my bed, and I love it very much already.

She followed my house mate home and is very, very skinny.  She won’t eat but she is drinking water.  We’re going to try to find out if she has an owner.

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